Friday, 25 April 2014

15 April :- No Stay, Court insists on proceeding with trial despite Appeal to the Court of Appeal

On 15/5/2014, Lena Hendry's lawyers applied for a STAY, an application to postpone the trial until the Court of Appeal heard her application to strike out the Charge. [As you may be aware, the High Court, on 11/4/2014, dismissed the application to strike out the Charge - and the Appeal to the Court of Appeal was made] See -11 April 2014 - What happened in court? Next Court Date:- Tuesday(15/4/2014)

Lena Hendry's dad underwent a surgery, and was in the Intensive Care Unit(ICU), and naturally Lena was with him and was not able to attend court on 15/4/2014.

Given this fact, the court granted did not begin with the trial, and fixed 16/5/2014 as the next date.

Below is a drawing by one of those in solidarity with Lena Hendry..

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