Monday, 28 April 2014

Memorandum handed over to Malaysian Human Rights Commission - 28/4/2014

A memorandum was handed over by members of Malaysian civil society to SUHAKAM (Malaysian Human Rights Commission) today(28/4/2013) with regard the charging of Human Rights Defender Lena Hendry using a law that says that all video that is in your possession, screened must have the approval of the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia.

The law being used is certainly against human rights... and it certainly will further restrict communication between people in society - To now additionally need to get approval by the Film Censorship Board...

(1) No person shall-
(a) have in his possession or in his custody or under his control; or
(b) circulate, exhibit, distribute, display, manufacture, produce, sell or hire,
any film or film-publicity material which has not been approved by the Board- Section 6(1) FILM CENSORSHIP ACT 2002

And, mind you 'film' and 'film publicity material' is defined so widely that it cover even moving power-point presentations shown as a slide show..., recordings of speeches, forums, etc...It will also include training videos that deal with human rights and worker rights...

"film" includes the original or duplicate of the whole or any part of-
(a) a cinematograph film; and (b) a videotape, diskette, laser disc, compact disc, hard disc and other record,
of a sequence of visual images, being a record capable of being used as a means of showing that sequence as a moving picture, whether or not accompanied by sound; - Section 3, FILM Censorship Act 2002

Faribel Maglin Fernandez's photo.

Faribel Maglin Fernandez's photo.The memorandum was received by Human Rights Commissioner, James Nayagam

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